Digital Literacy Program

Digital Literacy Program

In the current digital age, it is difficult to imagine education and learning without having access to technology and E-learning content. Yet, there exists a huge digital gap in the access and quality of education that is being provided to the ‘underprivileged’ sections of our society.

NIIT Foundation has made a number of significant interventions in trying to bridge this divide and is striving towards an inclusive and equitable digital India. One of the key interventions in this direction has been the Digital Literacy Program.

The pedagogy and curriculum adopted is innovative with there being a correct balance between theory and practice, therefore making it interesting for all.  Students who undergo The Digital Literacy training Program become tech-savvy and can easily send and receive emails, search the internet for information and become aware of the larger world around them.


The Digital Literacy Program begins by mobilizing and orienting key stakeholders and the larger community. The students who show interest in enrolling for the program undergo counselling. The parents are counselled as well and are informed about the program benefits.

The course duration is 20 hours and covers topics ranging from introduction to digital devices, operating digital devices, introduction to the Internet, communications using the Internet and applications of the Internet.

The curriculum has been designed to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge. The students who complete the digital literacy training course are assessed via an online portal. They are each provided with a certificate at the end of the course. Post the completion of the digital literacy classes and course, the student should be able to understand the role of digital technology in our everyday lives and be able to use it effectively.

NIIT Foundation is Following Three Models of Implementation in Digital Literacy Program

Success Story

Ashish Ramdas Dhawangle

Digital Literacy Center, Telgaon, Maharashtra

Ashish’s father is a farmer and mother is a homemaker. He has two elder brothers who are married. The financial responsibility of taking care of his parents and running the household is on Ashish. He started working towards providing for his family from a young age. He enrolled for the Certified Course in Digital Literacy at the Digital Literacy Center in Telgaon,  Maharashtra. Ashish enjoyed the course and later enrolled for the Cyber Security Course. However, things changed with the Covid 19 pandemic and the center had to abruptly shut. Despite several challenges, Ashish decided to use this time well. He volunteered at the Swachh Bharat Campaign and a Covid-19 preventive awareness program initiated by NIIT Foundation.


As soon as NIIT Foundation began online classes, Ashish adapted and resumed his course. He encouraged children, whose schools had shut, to return to the HIWEP learning station and continue their learning. One of the greatest achievements for him has been the change in his family. His mother is connecting with other ladies in the community, motivating them to become digitally literate. Ashish’s father, who was once considered an introvert, rarely interacting with others, has now taken it upon himself to spread the importance of education and digital literacy with family members, friends and the larger community. Ashish has not only brought about a positive change within himself but has inspired his parents to lead the change as well.