Placement Partners

Recruitment of NIIT Foundation students

NIIT Foundation has multiple training centers, which provide vocational training courses. The objective is to provide employment in the organized industry to the under-served youth. Students at these centers get trained in various professional and industry specific skill courses. We believe that these youth will transform themselves and their families when they enter work force and will  lead a productive life.  Placement Partners who give opportunity and support to these youth – therefore play a very important role in the entire eco system.

 Our training programs entail rigorous theoretical training and also develop essential life skills in the students that help them at interviews and at their work place. Our placement partners have been satisfied with the way in which the NF alumni have adapted to the professional space.

Why recruit NIIT Foundation students?

  • Industry recognized and structured courses, which make students ready for employment, post the completion of their course.
  • Students are exposed to Industry Visits and Actual Work life examples used during the training. This helps them prepare for their work place better.
  • Life skills training are incorporated in each course, which helps in developing confidence and building the personality of students.

Key Placement Partners

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