School Digitalization

“True education must correspond to the surrounding circumstances or it is not a healthy growth.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


There is no denying the crucial part that technology plays in today’s educational system. However a sizable portion of the population has no access to technology or only has it infrequently, missing out on crucial educational content.

The School Digitalization Initiative of the NIIT Foundation is one such innovative effort to close the digital gap and give students in public and government-aided schools greater access to digital learning by equipping them with digital classrooms. The School Digitalization initiative of the NIIT Foundation intends to create digital infrastructure within schools and equip instructors to use technology-led instruction to aid in integrating technology in the classroom. It will make it easier for the teachers to implement these techniques into the classes so that the students will experience a significant, observable benefit, allowing them to continue on their path of discovery and long-term development.

The initiative is in line with the priorities of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, particularly the NDEAR objective, NETF vision, and NEP-2023 vision. Also, we want to promote entrepreneurship among kids in higher grades so that they can start their own businesses. We want to close the digital divide between urban and rural adolescents in order to provide equitable learning chances and employment prospects through a carefully planned and methodically carried out effort.

NIIT Foundation works with corporate partners to help drive the project on the ground. And NCERT-provided digital course content would be used for classroom learning.

NIIT Foundation is currently implementing a School Digitalization project with HP India wherein each digital classroom contains:

The project conducts teacher-training programs in all schools to help them effectively use the training material and digital classrooms. NIIT Foundation wishes to support teachers at these schools in presenting digital content in various formats to make learning engaging and intends to provide students with more information to help them make better decisions about their careers and professional lives.

This school Digitalization project aims to digitalize 2017 digital labs in 17 states, impacting 8,00,000+ students and training 3000+ teachers by partnering with additional corporates and organizations, pan-India.

We also have two ongoing School Digitalization projects which are targeted toward younger students as well. In these projects, NIIT Foundation provides the following to set up a digital lab in Government schools:

12 to 15
A facilitator
to deliver
training programs
Basics of Computers – a program to introduce students to computers and MS Office

NIIT Foundation has also collaborated with DAFFPL (Delhi Aviation Fuel Facility Private Limited) and Sat Krishna Public Charitable Trust to reach out to the Government schools in semi-urban and rural areas that require digital labs


Some of our past School Digitalization projects include a project for Specially-abled children wherein we set up a digital classroom with a screen to allow teachers to teach children with more visual clarity and demonstrate concepts better. It enabled students with special needs to be in a more inclusive learning environment.

Through School Digitalization projects, NIIT Foundation is providing opportunities to the children to develop problem-solving skills, and a space to collaborate with other students to find solutions, express their thoughts with confidence, and develop their digital knowledge and skills. With this, NIIT Foundation is creating a deep impact in the community